Walk completed August 28, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Day 8 -- Harlyn Bay to Wadebridge

Locals say that the weather will be getting progressively worse for the next week. Today was a mixture of sun and rain, with constant wind, and temperatures alternating between pleasant and very cold – depending upon whether or not the sun was out. I don’t carry a thermometer, but measure temperature by the number of layers I need to wear to avoid shivering while walking. Hot is one layer – a T shirt. Pleasant is two layers – adding a long sleeve shirt. Cold is three layers, adding either a vest or a wind/rain jacket depending upon the wind chill factor. Very cold is all four layers. Extreme cold requires the addition of gloves and a wool cap. That’s all I’ve got, so anything beyond extreme cold results in hypothermia if not treated promptly at a pub.

Some of you may think this isn’t very scientific, but with enough gradients, it works quite well. For example, warm is between hot and pleasant, and the option of one or two layers is probably dictated by whether the trail is ascending or descending. Similarly for pleasantly cool. Those of you familiar with the Beaufort wind scale will recognize how well this works.

I’m getting tired of sea cliffs and beaches, so I’ve detoured slightly inland to walk through farmland. In England, public footpaths have been around for a thousand years or more, and public rights of way often pass through farmers’ fields. In the U.S. a farmer would shoot someone walking through his crops, especially if his crops are being grown in the national forest.

Padstow Harbour
 I was joined for part of the walk along the Camel Trail between Padstow and Wadebridge by a delightful gentleman named Neil, whose wife – believe it or not – was attending a cooking class today. I think it’s reprehensible that a husband would go out walking while his wife slaves over a hot stove – unless, of course, it’s for an emergency rescue.


Two questions for the day:

Why does Marley play fetch with a rock?

Do British fire engines float?

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  1. Ken

    Realy enjoying your blog, keep it up, there great to look back on latter. I notice you've started to start asking challengine questions. I when through that stage on the walk where you mind just mulls over the smallest of details and before you know it another miles gone.


  2. hum...back to the cooking classes....you're not alone using any excuse to get out of slaving over that hot stove! Hope you have more one layer day along the way.
    As for Marley, he is probably trying to impress a little friend close by?!?