Walk completed August 28, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 28; Tuesday, June 28, 2011; Llanvetherine to Longtown

I awoke to the plaintive bleating of hundreds of sheep in the barnyard beneath my bedroom window. I watched as the farmers herded all the sheep through a series of pens, finally diverting the biggest lambs (35 – 40 kilos) into a holding pen, where they were herded into a trailer and taken to market. That’s a PC term meaning to the slaughterhouse, the butcher and the table. The Great Tre Rhew farm runs about 800 sheep and 40 or 50 cattle. Trevor, who together with his wife Anne, now runs the B&B, moved to the farm as a child in 1940 and has lived there ever since. His sons still continue the farming operation.
I didn't get chopped up

Like yesterday, today’s walk went through small villages, forests, pastures, and across small streams. But the route also ran along the high ridge of Brecon Beacon National Park, providing outstanding views of adjacent valleys. The ridge and valleys appear to have been sculpted by glaciers long since departed, which left the characteristic “U” shaped valleys.

Audrey and Rod
The only persons I met on the trail were Audrey and Rod, out doing a day hike from a nearby caravan park. I’m wondering what happened to the “Offa’s Dyke High Season.” Maybe it starts next week, when I’ll be somewhere else.

View from Brecon Beacon
I haven’t had any WiFi the past two days, but I’m told that there may be WiFi available at the pub. I’ll go over and find out. That’s the only reason, honest. If this gets posted tonight, you’ll know the pub has WiFi. If not, you’ll know the pub has beer.

Field of foxgloves
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