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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 4, June 4, 2011 -- St. Ives to Portreath

Today was a long day – 17 miles and 9 hours. I departed the B&B in St. Ives at 9:30 and arrived at the Portreath B&B at 6:30.

The weather was warm and sunny. There were many people on the beaches, and a few families on the trail, but I couldn’t identify any true hikers. Nobody had backpacks or water, and everybody I saw on the trail was within a half mile of a parking area.

Hayle at low tide
 I arrived at the village of Hayle at 12:30, so decided to look for a bakery to buy a pasty for lunch. Near the end of town was the only bakery, with a long line of customers out the door and down the sidewalk. “This must be the spot,” I concluded, so I joined the line. The fellow in front of me told me this is the best bakery in the area; he himself drove from St. Ives just to buy a pasty. The wait took about 10 minutes, and as I approached the counter, the fellow from St. Ives said to me, “Order a medium steak pasty.” Well, OK. I added a liter of milk. The St. Ives fellow also ordered a medium steak pasty.

We walked outside together and I sat at a picnic table, but he couldn’t stay, muttering something about wives and cats.

The medium steak pasty weighed about 2 pounds, or maybe 2 kilos. Although it was absolutely delicious – the best pasty I’ve ever had – I could eat only half of it and placed the other half in my backpack for later. I also could drink only half the liter of milk, putting the other half in my pack. So the pasty and milk offset 7 maps which I had mailed yesterday.

Resuming the walk, I grew lonely not having anybody to talk with. I came upon a churchyard, and decided to talk with some dead people. They listened politely, but didn’t have much to say.

A little later, I talked with a cow. She was not friendly and told me to mooove on. Then I came upon a steer, but he just eyed me suspiciously. I think he doesn’t trust people any more.

With nobody to talk with I just plodded on and enjoyed the scenery.  I hope you do too.

© 2011 Ken Klug

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  1. Lovely scenery Ken, but please, refrain from talking to dead people or cows....they might put you in the padded room next to mine!
    Hope you enjoyed the rest of your pastry and milk.
    Have fun,

    still me!