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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 23 -- Thursday, June 23, 2011; North End to Easton in Gordano

Today’s route took me north through more of the drainage canals (known as rhynes) in the Somerset Levels, and then east as I work my way around the estuary of the River Severn.

The sun was out most of the day, with only occasional light sprinkles.

In a thick forest, I came across the ruins of an old building.

The first person I met on the trail was a local walker named Richard, doing a loop walk from his home in nearby Portishead. We were walking in opposite directions near Charlton Farm when we met. I had observed how well maintained the farm is. Richard pointed out the buildings are no longer farm-related but rather a hospice for terminally ill children. His comment brought back the sobering thought that while I’m playing, others less fortunate are leading their lives the best they can, including children who will never have the opportunity to do what I’m doing.

Jackie and Benji
But some creatures are more fortunate. Benji is a rescue lab. Sadie from the Hartwood House of a few days ago was also a rescue lab. I presume that they are former hunting dogs who no longer had hunting abilities and were rescued rather than being destroyed. I’ll try to get clarification on that the next time I come across one. Or maybe David or Jackie can add a comment to the end of this posting clarifying the rescue status.

I arrived at Easton in Gordano early, and used some time to book future accommodations. Jack Frost has made the task easier for me, because I can use his sources when I stay in the same town he did. Jack is well-liked, and when I mention his name I get a reduced rate. That should please Jack, especially since they are also putting my room charges on his credit card. I hope he isn’t reading this.

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  1. The adventures continue.....so nice to be able to travel the pathways of England with you. Love the Avon bridge and the ruins of the old building.
    Happy trail to you!