Walk completed August 28, 2011

Miles of Smiles

The following verse was composed for me and recited by my friend, Marsha Glass, at a post-walk celebration.

Mile of Smiles (or how I spent my summer vacation)

Every day you recorded your blog
Whether walking through firth, field, loch or bog.

The pictures were very pretty
And your commentary witty.

 You had a heavy pack, poor chap
Until you learned to mail the map!

We’re impressed with your elevation gain
And putting up with the relentless rain.

You really hadn’t gone that far
Before you fell in love with a car? 

We eagerly watched your story unfold
And fretted dearly when you got a cold.

While some days to you were a bore
Your humor left us hungry for more. 

While you may have tired of the rain and scenery
Your blog fans always admired the greenery. 

When your spirits sagged for a spell
There came your cheerleader, Danielle.

When the weather threatened to spoil your mood
The Smiths provided company and food. 

I was wondering when you would find new shoes
But I always knew that you would find some booze! 

Some of the things you saw made no sense.
Why do they put dead moles on a fence? 

We know that you were well-fueled to move on
When you got those cookies from chef Yvonne.

Clearly some folks you encountered were wowed
Especially the great Much Wenlock crowd.

It must have been a real thrill
When the bull fell down the hill. 

We felt bad when you wanted to sit but there was no bench.
Then you met everyone in England except Judi Dench! 

You showed a shot of a 2-tiered viaduct
And showed us when you wanted to say “I’m f………lost!” 

We knew all along this adventure wouldn’t fail
If you could just get around the cows on the trail. 

I am sorry you missed the hunting dog training
And sorrier you didn’t miss all the raining. 

No Loch Ness Monster!  Well, I must confess
You can’t find Nessie without GPS.

I especially enjoyed your quizzes
And how all the “P” signs prompted whizzes. 

I only have one question, Ken
Does “skin-so-soft” leave softer skin?

You are now an expert on the nation
And how to make a room reservation. 

Now it is time to celebrate
Who said you couldn’t navigate! 

Yes, no doubt about it you are an amazing fella.
(We’re taking a collection to buy you an umbrella!)

    (c) 2011, Marsha Glass