Walk completed August 28, 2011

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 -- Day 43 – Bleak Hey Nook to Badger Fields Farm (on a high ridge NW of Hebden Bridge) – 18 miles

Upon asking the proprietor of the B&B about the derivation of the name Bleak Hey Nook, he stated that bleak was historically the spelling of the word black. Over time, the meaning of bleak has evolved to mean dark or foreboding. So although the area was not bleak, as we know it, as a color the word describes the surrounding rocks and heather. Indeed, the peat, and the water flowing through it, could be black in color.

Last night’s dinner and today’s breakfast were in the company of two very nice couples, ¾ of which were retired secondary school teachers. They are avid walkers, and are in the throes of completing the Pennine Way, north to south. I am walking in the opposite direction, so we bade our good-byes after breakfast, and I headed off.

Finally on the Pennine Way
Shortly after climbing a steep hill to join the Pennine Way, I encountered James, who is also walking the PW south to north. We chatted a while, and finally set off on our own individual paces, passing each other several times during the day. Also walking in my direction were three ladies, Jan, Jenny and Elaine, who happen to be staying at the same B&B tonight as I am. I also encountered Erik, from the Netherlands, Steve and Peter, both Brits. All of us kept passing and re-passing each other all day, as our paces differed and our breaks/lunch times differed. I suspect that the ebb and flow will continue over the next few days as we are all headed in the same direction. This is a phenomenon which I had not previously experienced on either the Southwest Coast Path or Offa’s Dyke.

Today’s route generally followed a well-signed track over the high moorlands. In boggy places, flagstone has been laid both to improve the footing and reduce the erosion from the foot traffic.

Master chef Brian

At one point the path crossed the busy A640 highway where Brian has set up his cooking trailer and serves coffee and meals to truckers. In California, we would refer to the concession as a “roach wagon,” but Brian’s set-up is spotlessly clean. That his food is good is evidenced by the repeat customers who stop. I failed to ask Brian how long he has been serving food at that place, but I think he’s become a fixture. Had I not just had breakfast, his bacon sandwich looked superb.

Name this car
Does anybody recognize the make and year of the restored vehicle parked near Brian’s trailer?  I know it's not a 1972 VW bus.

Steve and Eric near Stoodley Pike
At Stoodley Pike, a point which towers over the village of Hebden Bridge, a huge monument was built to commemorate the victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. While it is possible to climb the tower to the top, there is no lighting, and none of our party chose to risk a fall on the dark, circular staircase.

I was supposed to have ordered dinner at our B&B, but I neglected to do so. Fortunately for me, the three ladies who are also staying here did order dinner, so it was no problem for Miriam, the hostess, to cook one extra meal. The same thing happened yesterday at Bleak Hey Nook, where I had not ordered dinner, but my companions had. I’m glad that the Brits are looking after my nutrition, because if it were left to me, I would end up with bread and jam. Just in case Dr. George and Lady Ann are reading this, please be advised that I would like dinner. Oh, and for the full cooked breakfast, I don’t take black pudding or fried bread.

No WiFi tonight, so this won’t get posted until some future date.

Would you eat this guy?

© 2011 Ken Klug


  1. That is the cutest fuzzy animal I ever saw....and no, would not eat him!

  2. Ken, it's a Singer Vogue, year unknown to me. Singer is an old English car company, bought by Hillman of the Rootes Group. All these companies are now defunct. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Singer_(car)


  3. It's a 1963 Humber Scepter.

  4. The Humber Sceptre and Singer Vogue are rebadged version of the same car. Larry would be right that this one is a Humber, except for the fact that it's a Singer.

    Daryl Humbersing

  5. Actually I was there on the day the picture was taken as the car is mine. It is a 1963 Humber Scepter MK1. Sorry Daryl, but Larry is right. It was made by The Rootes Motor Company as a prestige version of the Singer Vogue. (Incidentally Brian has been there about 26 years).

    Regards Mick.

  6. It's odd to run into a man who does not know the make of his own car. (I am a sore loser.)


    Daryl Singerhum

  7. Don't feel bad Daryl, It is an easy mistake to make just from a photograph. I have only owned it since June 2011 but it is now my pride & joy. I've been a good customer of Brians for a good few years though.
    Regards Mick