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Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 33 -- July 3, 2011 -- Craven Arms to Much Wenlock, 18 miles

Today was a warm, sunny day, but most of the walk was along well-defined paths in shady woodlands, so I stayed relatively cool all day. Surprisingly, I saw nobody all morning, because a dry Sunday should have brought out the walkers. In the afternoon, I encountered a group of 8 boy scouts who were camping last night and were walking to their pick up point. Much later, after the trail joined with a former railroad bed, I saw a half dozen cyclists who whizzed past me.
In the shady woodland, there were very few scenic views, except for the trail itself. Hearing was the only sensory perception, as the birds were singing the entire day. I’ll never understand why some walkers drown out the sounds of nature with earbuds connected to their mp3 players. (That statement will probably elicit some comments.)

The trail runs along Wenlock Edge, a high ridge of limestone uplifted many millions of years ago as what is now Great Britain emerged from the ocean. At several places along the route, the bare cliff showed the many layers of limestone deposited when the area was submerged. Close to Much Wenlock, a large limestone quarry is still in operation.

I have no WiFi tonight, so I'll have to defer working on future accommodations.  I’ve got my rooms booked through Friday. There’s nothing in Chelmorton on Saturday, and I haven’t yet had a chance to look at Chapel in le Frith for Sunday or Glossop for Monday. I may end up spending all three nights in Buxton, and using taxis or buses to assist me in walking those segments.

But right now, my feet and legs are tired from today’s 18 miler. It's time to find a pub and replenish my electrolytes. The sun will rise tomorrow, and after a few preliminary chores, I’ll be off to Shifnal.

Snake on trail
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