Walk completed August 28, 2011

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 47, Sunday, July 17, 2011 – Horton in Ribblesdale to Hawes – 13 miles

As we did yesterday, Erik, James, Alec and I set off in the rain and wind again at 9:15. There were many other walkers departing at the same time, doing what they call “the three peaks challenge.” I’m beginning to wonder about the sanity of the British. It had rained the entire night, and was still raining in the morning, yet there were many Brits going out to walk in what they knew to be wet and muddy conditions, where rocks would be slippery and fording streams would be difficult. Unlike the four of us, most of the others didn’t really have to go out in that weather. I can’t generalize about the Dutch or Australians, but aside from a few a few folks of questionable sanity in southern Utah, no American would be out on a day like this. That’s what shopping malls and TVs were made for. But the Brits seem to be oblivious to the weather – which is odd considering that they spend more time talking about the weather and listening to daily forecasts than any other people in the world. They listen to the forecast – and then go right outdoors into the very teeth of a storm. Strange people, indeed.

Raging stream falling into pothole
But the four of us had no choice but to venture into the teeth of the storm. I spent much of the day reflecting on how much more uncomfortable the conditions would have been had I been walking alone rather than with others. 

We are still in limestone country, and there are deep caverns under ground.  We came across two raging streams which tumbled into limestone potholes, with no visible indication of where they might emerge again.  Woe to the sheep or person unlucky enough to be swept into a pothole by the current.

The forecast is for better weather on Monday. I’ll bet most Brits will probably stay indoors. Strange people, indeed.

Alec, James, Lost-a-lot, and Erik at day's end
© 2011 Ken Klug


  1. So, the Brits are "Strange people, indeed" - this from the man who has to go out in the weather, because he has chosen to walk from one end of Britain to the other, rather than residing in American air-conditioned comfort!

    Ken, I think you should be right at home in Britain!

    (I hope the weather improves again for you, even though the blog is more entertaining when it's not)

  2. I reckon you are halfway. Am I right?

    Great going!