Walk completed August 28, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 55 – Allendale to Hadrian’s Wall (near Housesteads), 13 miles

Ann filled George and me with a good cooked breakfast and then ferried us to Allendale, where we met Tony and Sally. Ann and Sally went off to continue whatever it was they did yesterday, and George, Tony and I started our walk.

Meadow to Plankey Mill
This was the fourth day that George had put together the route, through forests, along rivers, over pastures and across meadows. We initially followed the River Allen, a fairly small stream near its head. We departed from the course of the river, to rejoin it much later at Plankey Mill where it had grown substantially in both width and force from the numerous tributaries that contributed to it.

Ruins of Staward Peel
Along the way, we passed the ruins of Staward Peel, once a large fortified home constructed in the 13th century, but which was mostly dismantled with the king’s permission in the 16th century so its building stones could be recycled to construct the then current landowner’s mansion. All that remains now are pieces of wall.

This was also the fourth day that Ann had fixed up George and me with fortified lunches. Each day’s luncheon highlight was a “morning cookie” made from a recipe Ann had received from Chef Yvonne, Utah’s maven of cuisine. Unfortunately, George and I finally depleted Ann’s supply. I’m hoping that Chef Yvonne will have a new supply waiting for me when I return to Utah.

But that won’t be anytime soon. For those of you keeping track of these things, yesterday’s walk barely ticked the odometer past 700 miles. There is still much more fun ahead, so stay tuned.

River South Tyne near Ridley Hall

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  1. Home baked cookies, from Chef Yvonne's recipe much less, I'd say you are living large! Lady Ann is spoiling you, soak it in and it will stay with you for the rest of the walk.
    Enjoy your stay with the friends.