Walk completed August 28, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 70, Tuesday, August 9, 2011 – Inverarnan to Tyndrum, 14 miles

Today’s walk left the lowlands of Loch Lomond and started the ascent into the Scottish Highlands. The highlands aren’t very high by North American standards – the highest peak in Great Britain is barely 4,000 feet above sea level. But they are very far north, and so get severe winter weather where only the hardiest can survive. As a result Scotland is much wilder than England – and I’m not just talking about the football fans. When you enter into the highlands, you get a feel of the remote wilderness, notwithstanding that you are only a few miles from civilization. Again, I’m not talking about the football fans.

Wild Scotland is also beautiful. Again, I’m not… well, you get the idea.

Frank, Frank, Phil and Martin
Today was dry, sunny and cool. Still smarting about being passed by Phil yesterday, I had to stop to remove my long sleeve shirt shortly after leaving Inverarnan.  Don't you know, Phil, both Franks, and Martin passed me at that very point.  Honestly, I really had to stop to remove my shirt – I’m not just using that as an excuse for being passed. I knew I would catch up with them soon, and about 2 hours later, I did – as they were packing up to leave after a morning tea break. I also used the same location for a break. I never did catch up with them again, but I suspect they were probably hiding in the bushes as I went by, not wanting to admit that I could catch them.

I passed a few other walkers, all of whom had huge packs with camping gear, so maybe that doesn’t count.

Peggy and Margaret
About two miles from Tyndrum I passed two other walkers who weren’t even carrying backpacks. We were still on an ascending trail to Tyndrum, and I was about ready to blow past them when I stopped to talk. Peggy and Margaret, mother and daughter, were out for a short walk to Tyndrum. We had a nice chat, but when I started again, I left them in my dust on the steep, rocky trail. In fact, I was so far ahead of them that I arrived at my B&B before it opened, then went to an outside cafeteria where I was enjoying a beer as Peggy and Margaret walked by. If any of you had any doubt about my superb hiking ability, that fete alone should set you straight.  Oh, did I mention that Peggy is 90?

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  1. You are shameless....leaving Peggy so far behind! You are hysterical...comparing back pack weight. You are going to need lots of quiet time when you finish this walk!
    As long as you don't see Nessie, you're in good shape!