Walk completed August 28, 2011

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 68, Sunday, August 7, 2011 – Drymen to Rowardennan, 12 miles

Home restored from
former mill in
Milton of Buchanan
I had dinner last night with Gary and Sharon, whom I met on the trail yesterday as we walked to Drymen. I expected to see them on the trail today, but oddly enough I saw nobody heading north. I passed a few dog walkers who were heading south, as well as a lone man and a lone woman who were obviously walking the WHW. Strangely neither of them was a “trail person” who would stop to chat.

The man was climbing uphill at a good pace when I greeted him and stepped off the trail to allow him to proceed. My experience is that people going uphill will take any excuse to stop and rest, even if it means talking to someone they don’t know. This man was an exception – he just kept chugging along and muttered something that sounded like “good morning.” OK, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he just didn’t want to break stride.

Loch Lomond
The lady I met twenty minutes later also kept moving. “Good morning,” I said. She responded with a “Good morning.” “Have you walked far?” I queried. “Yes, but it’s a beautiful trail,” she said with an American accent as she walked right past me. Hmmm, maybe she’s traveling alone and has trained herself not to talk with strange men on the trail. I wouldn’t blame her – I must look pretty strange on my 68th day. Or maybe she’s been following my blog and didn’t want her picture taken because she’s called in sick every day for the past two weeks. Or maybe I no longer have that innocent, lost puppy look that I had when I started – it’s pretty hard to look lost on the West Highland Way.

In any event, I’ll keep on trying to report on the people I meet. Absent interesting people, I’ll keep posting pictures of interesting scenery.

Today’s scenery was remarkably good, but it rained again all day, so the colors were muted. The rain wasn’t hard, though – mostly drizzles and sprinkles – so I wasn’t wet or uncomfortable. Generally, it was a very pleasant day for walking, and I wore my Gore-Tex jacket only for protection in the event of a downpour which never occurred. The walk followed Loch Lomond, as it will tomorrow. With any luck at all, I’ll get some sunshine so tomorrow’s pictures will have brighter colors.

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  1. hi ken, enjoyed reading your blog :) made me think of the long walk. thx for mentioning us in your blog :) sharon & garry x