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Sunday, April 22, 2012

MY 1200 MILE SUMMER is now a book!!

Originally published only for close family and friends whose criticism would be tempered by mercy, My 1200 Mile Summer is now available in book form to the unsuspecting public. Offered at an exorbitant price without any royalty sought by the author, My 1200 Mile Summer contains all blog postings arranged in easy-reading chronological order, with only minimal editing of content. The beautifully bound 180-page book also includes separate appendices of readers’ comments and acknowledgements.

Here’s what others have to say about My 1200 Mile Summer:
  • “Sensational!! A Titanic experience!!” – Harold O. Riviera, The New York Tides Book Review
  • “Gripping! More fun than flying the Hindenburg!!” – The Manchester Gradian
  • “A real page-burner.” – The San Francisco Exterminer
  • “Outstandingly sophomoric!” – The Boston Grobe
  • “The pinnacle of responsible writing.” – Rufus Mudrock, The Doily Sun
  • “Thought provoking. You’ll wonder why you wasted your money.” – The Los Angeles Tribune
SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAILWALKERS: If your image appears on the blog, you may not find it in the book. Due to space limitations, many of the images appearing in the original blog have been omitted.

Preview the entire book or order it by clicking Book Preview in the sidebar.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Order within the next 365 days and use the special code word “SUCKER”, and we’ll double the offer. That’s right, you can select two books for only twice the price. A large shipping charge will be added to your order.

Offer valid only in the Western World, parts of the Middle East, and selected countries of Asia, Africa and Oceania. Void where prohibited by common sense. Not available in bookstores or Antarctica.

© 2012 Ken Klug

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